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Graduate Program in Food and Nutrition - the sowing of science

The Science and Technology of Food covers the chemical, biochemical, technological, nutritional and functional understanding of food; enabling the access to learn through the most diverse professionals related to the fields of health, agrarian sciences and technological sciences. According to the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, the Food and Nutrition Safety - SAN is the realization of everyone's right to the regular and permanent access to quality food under sufficient quantity without compromising the access to other essential needs, based on food-promoting health practices that respect cultural diversity and that are social-economical and environmentally sustainable.  Allying the understanding of Food Science to the development of food products which, besides the basic action of nourishing, can also act as functional, is a great challenge to professionals of this sector.

The Food and Nutrition Program (PPGAN) aims to provide a technical scientific knowledge involving the technological, nutritional and functional aspects of the field of Science and Technology of Food.